A healthy spine if vital to maintaining good health.  This means the spine itself, the discs, the nerves and bones must all be maintainen good health.   Fortunately, it is possible to do by seeking the treatments of a chiropractor.  Chiropractors are medical professionals who give spinal adjustments that enable the spine to remain aligned and healthy.

There are  times during the lifespan when excessive amount of stress may be placed on the spine.  Pregnancy is one of those times.  During pregnancy, there is pelvic misalignment along with other physical and hormonal changes which occur.  This causes stress on the spine.  Regular chiropractic care during pregnancy may help with labor and delivery.  The concept of chiropractic as a treatment option is not new.  In fact, Chiropractic goes as far back as ancient Greece and Hippocrates who postulated that a misaligned spine can lead to other health.


All chiropractors are trained to take care of expecting mothers.  However, there are chiropractors that have additional training beyond the standard training received during school years.  Gentle chiropractic adjustments during pregnancy can help control your nausea, vomiting, reduce the length of time in labor, reduce back pain and increase the likelihood of a healthy pregnancy and delivery.  Chiropractic is a safe alternative to reducing pregnancy-related back pain without taking harmful medications, thus making the pregnancy safer for yourself and your baby.

Pregnancy should be a time of joy and peace for you.  Keep in mind that pregnancy places an immense stress on the spine.  Getting regular chiropractic care during this time can help maintain a healthy spine, ensuring a smooth pregnancy along with a smooth labor and delivery.

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