Infantile Colic

Of all the health challenges that seem to plague infants, this is probably the one that causes most upset with parents.  Imagine for a moment feeding your child, when all of a sudden he/she begins screaming at the top of their lungs, arms curling in with what seems to be agonizing pain.  All the common remedies seem to be of no avail.

Most textbooks describing  Colic mention that it usually happens in the evening hours.  I found that it tends to occur at any time of the day and seems to have no rhyme or reason.  Colic, it seems, tends to start sometime in infancy, around the first two weeks of  life, and can persist for a number of months.


For those who are not familiar with Infantile Colic, and have never had the pleasure of dealing with a child who is has it, you have no idea how devastating it can be on parents’ nerves.  Why?  It is characterized by constant crying, screaming, whining, and pains in the stomach area.  The spells of crying can last for hours, and parents’ nerves are shot at the end of  such spells.  This type of crying leads to aerophagia, which is the swallowing of air.  This then causes the enlargement of the bowels, which then creates more pain, which creates more crying…you are beginning to get the picture!  Colic is also characterized by passing an exorbitant amount of gas causing  the stomach to get large and bloated with gas.  The infant does not appear to be ill, is gaining weight, and has a good appetite.  If either of those is absent, then the incessant crying may be caused by a problem different from Colic.

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